Used Honda Wheelchair Vans Buying Advice

Author : Anthony Dixon

A smart shopper can save thousands of dollars by purchasing a used Honda wheelchair van without losing much, if anything, in terms of quality and reliability. Purchasing a used wheelchair van requires some level of skill in separating quality used vehicles from problematic ones. It also requires knowing where to look. Here are some good sources of used Honda wheelchair vans.

Buying Online: The Internet has changed the way people shop for everything, including wheelchair vans. You can search for a used Odyssey or Element via the web. It’s a good place to find offers from both dealers and individuals.

Many people find bargain opportunities at well-known sites like eBay and Craigslist, but those aren’t the only options. You may also find used wheelchair vans for sale on local sites and in discussion boards populated by disabled drivers. The Internet also provides buyers with easy access to online versions of newspapers in their areas and the classified advertising sections of those papers, where many people sell their used Honda wheelchair vans.

Buying from Dealers: Dealers don’t just handle new Hondas. When people purchase new vehicles, they’ll often trade in their older model. The more problematic trade-ins go to auction, but the better vehicles often end up on the lot, for sale. You can find some of the nicer used Odysseys and Elements for sale through dealerships.

The “best of the best” are carefully reviewed by Honda mechanics and receive certification. You can often purchase a used late model Honda minivan with a strong warranty. Dealership vehicles may cost more than what you’ll find from other sources, but it’s hard to beat the quality.

Buying from Individuals: Purchasing from individuals who are selling their used wheelchair vans can be a great way to find a bargain. Individuals are often more motivated than dealers to sell their vehicles quickly and they don’t have overhead and other expenses with which to contend.

It’s important to do your due diligence when buying from an individual. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly, have your own mechanic check for any problems, insist on service records and a CarFax report, and do everything else you can to decrease the risk of a bad purchase.

Buying at Auction: Auctions can be one of the cheapest ways to acquire a used Honda minivan. They can also be one of the most dangerous. The cars that end up at dealer and open-to-the-public auctions are usually (but not always) second-tier vehicles and they’re sold “as is.”

If you know your way around the wholesale scene and/or used cars in general, this might be a great way to get a used Honda at a rock bottom price. Inexperienced buyers and non-experts should probably look at a different option, however.

Buying a used Honda wheelchair van can be a great decision. Hondas are well known for their remarkable durability and long lifespan, making it extremely reasonable to consider saving thousands of dollars by purchasing a used late model vehicle. You can find used Hondas via the Internet, dealerships, individual sales and auctions.

About the Author
Anthony is a true disability vehicle enthusiast when he is not working tirelessly in a rehabilitation hospital in Houston, TX where he provides advice and training for the many concerned parents and caregivers. Anthony is the first step in finding the right rehabilitation advice for you or your loved one.


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